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November 26 2014


Learn How to Lose Fat, Not Muscle

If you're gaining more and more weight as time goes on, it's time to make an appointment with your physician and tell him you need help. Many times a physician avoids an issue and you're the one that has to pursue an answer. You're the one gaining the weight and who must take control of it, but you need his help. You need to find out if your thyroid is working properly. You need to find out if exercises will hurt you or cause you to have a heart attack. You should talk to him about say yes or no to the low carb diet and if he thinks they may help you to lose weight.

One thing's for sure, your life depends on getting the weight off. If the doctor has weighed you, checked your body mass index (BMI) and has told you that you're now in the obese category, it's time to get to work. This is serious and you have to impress upon your doctor that you're very concerned. He may talk to you about visiting one of the Phentermine Clinics in your area. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant and if your health is good, other than being overweight, it can be prescribed for you and help you get those unwanted pounds off for good. You can also learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, with help from staff at the clinic, what foods are good to help weight loss and much more. Keep in mind, as with any prescription, there could be side effects, including agitation, restlessness or urinating frequently.

Phentermine Clinics

You would keep in touch with your physician and those at the clinic so they can monitor your weight loss and how you feel, overall. You can find out a great deal more information by visiting the website located at PhentermineClinics.com. While there, you can click on the state you're from and see the towns in your area that have one of the Phentermine Clinics close by. Sign up for their regular newsletters, request more information and talk to your doctor about going. This is a prescription that is for short term use and to get you off to a good start with your weight loss. This is often, all many individuals need. Once they see pounds disappearing and feel so much better, it's easier to exercise now that hope has returned.

Once you realize you know how to get the weight off, you'll be able to lose it without taking a prescription. You're going to learn how to reduce your carb intake which is extremely important. You'll learn how to lose fat and not muscle and how important it is. Whether you have just ten pounds or 110 pounds to lose, losing that first pound is just about the same, and as difficult, for everyone. Learn how to stay healthy while keeping your muscle and losing the fat. 

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